What to look for in a Socket Set and How to Select One

Socket Sets

Are you planning to purchase your very first socket set? It’s natural to wonder which socket set will be best suited for your needs. There are lots of socket sets available in the market today. A socket set is a highly versatile tool and if you’re looking to buy a set for auto repairing purposes, some considerations might come very handy. However, socket sets can be very useful even when you’re not using it for auto repair work. Whatever be your reason for needing a socket set, some of the key points stay the same. Let’s check them out!

A Good Quality Set

When you’re looking to get your first socket set, the first and foremost point to note is the quality of the set. The drive is the most important part of the set. Low quality drives might get bent, warped or twisted. This can be a serious problem when the drive is being used under pressure. Sometimes the ratcheting part of the drive might suffer failure as well. If cost is not a factor, go for the best quality drive, even if the set comes with a lower number of sockets and not a very stellar case.

Adapters and Extenders

A wider range of extenders and adapters can be very useful. You’ll be able to get your socket where you need and there’s no reason to be frustrated any more just because you cannot reach your required location. This is practically more essential than having a large variety of sockets.

Metric Socket Set

Other than older American made vehicles, you’ll need metric sized sockets. If you’re on a low budget, you can avoid getting the SAE sizes for auto repair works. All foreign and modern American vehicles require metric sizes. For non-automotive uses, the SAE sizes might be required. If automotive work is your main purpose for buying a socket set, you can choose the metric sizes.

Bigger Is Better

When you’re choosing the best size for your socket set, always remember – bigger is better. That, of course, comes after meeting the above quality considerations. If you have a large number of sockets, it means that you’re more likely to find the one you need the most in a particular situation. This also means that you’ll have to be more organized in case of storing them, or else you’ll need a long time to find your desired socket.

Hex Socket Set

Hex socket can be a great investment. These sockets can do the work which is usually done using an allen wrench. So it can be a smart choice.


Choose a socket set which comes with warranties for its parts. This should also include the moving parts, such as ratchet tools. When a socket set offers warranty, it can be considered to be a superior product in comparison to those which do not.
Socket sets can be used for a lot of purposes. These tools are expandable and you can add adaptors or additional sockets as per your needs. Whatever your needs be, it’s always good to remember that quality is the single most important feature that you should look for while buying a socket set.

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