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10 DIY Car Repair Mistakes You CAN’T Afford to Make!

A friend of mine once offered to help me change the oil in my car. I thought, “What a marvelous idea! I can learn to change my own oil!”

Wide-eyed and giddy with excitement, I showed up to his house in my 2007 Ford Focus with all the oil-change necessities I had been instructed to buy from Auto Zone. He looked at the car and then proceeded to try and get under it. Needless to say, unless one of us was the size of his Yorkshire terrier, we weren’t going to fit under the car. Continue reading

How to Jump Start a Car with Cables (and WITHOUT!)

How to Jump-Start a Car with Cables

It should seem obvious, and it should seem like most people with cars should know how to jump a car. But which cable goes where? Red first? Black is positive? Which is negative?  Whaaaat? Why are there so many clamps?! So the next time you’re asked to jump a car, don’t look down in shame–read this article and learn how to properly jump a car without shocking yourself! Because it will pay off when the pretty girl next door is late for class and desperately asks you if you can jump her car. Continue reading