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Organizing with Pegboard Hooks


A pegboard is a wooden board with holes every square inch or so, that allows for easy storage with the use of hooks and pegs. They are most often found in garages and work-rooms to maximize vertical space and utilize tool organization to the fullest potential. There are also metal pegboards that are magnetic, and other pegboards with unique uses. Pegboard hooks eases up your workspace, and makes your life a whole lot easier.


Basic instructions to get your pegboard started:

1. Mark location of wall studs
Find the wall studs behind the drywall to mount the pegboard support strips. This is to ensure that the board will stay on the wall securely, even when loaded with heavy tools such as hammers and drills. You can use a simple stud sensor to find the studs.

2. Allow for enough space behind the pegboard
Remember that the pegboard hooks are designed to insert through holes with some space needed behind the pegboard.

3. Creating a Backing
Use strips of wood to create a basic framework. Install the strips of wood on top of the studs, making sure that the screws are driven into the studs. Include both horizontal and vertical strips of wood to make sure that the pegboard will be structurally sound.

4. Size your pegboard
Determine the measurements for your pegboard, then cut using a jigsaw, circular saw, or table saw.

5. Mounting the Board
Mount the pegboard to the wood strips by using wood screws.

6. Hooks
Installation of your new pegboard is finished! Now arrange your pegboard hooks as needed.

Pegboard hooks can be arranged according to different tools and sets. There are also many different kinds of pegboard hooks with various uses. There are pegboard hooks with mini racks of different sizes to hang power tools. For small pieces such as drill bits, Allen keys, or chisel sets, you can even hang containers using the pegboard hooks. You should also consider hanging sets of tools together, such as wrench sets. There are pegboard hooks with clips, which are for tools such as screwdrivers or sockets.

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