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Name Your Tool and Bleed the Brake: Finding the Right Vacuum Brake Bleeder

When it comes to keeping a vehicle running at optimum efficiency, any mechanic can tell you of the importance of bleeding your brakes. However, using a brake bleeder is not particularly simple. In fact, the process can be quite complicated. To alleviate some of this complexity, a vacuum brake bleeder may be a good purchase option for this process. This tool can make replacing your vehicle’s hydraulic fluid a smooth and easy process.

One of the major advantages of a vacuum brake bleeder; is that it can reduce the fluid replacement process from a two-person job, to a one-person job. If you have decided to use a vacuum brake bleeder, there are a few key components that must be purchased in order to have the best experience. The first thing that you need is a vacuum pump (such as an old fridge motor).

In order to hold expelled brake fluid it is also vital to have some sort of container for it to go in. The final component necessary for this tool is proper tubing and connectors. One suggestion from DIY-ers is to use a widescreen pressure bottle found in old VW beetles. These have a max pressure of 35 psi which more than covers the 15-20 psi range of most brakes.

If you are looking for a high quality and efficient vacuum brake bleeder, there are a variety of options to choose from. Here are a few selections from various websites that can help anyone get started on finding the right vacuum brake bleeder.

Brake Bleeder Vacuum Test Kit: This kit is a great option if you need an efficient vacuum brake bleeder. You can work on a variety of vehicles with this kit including: Automotive, Motorcycle, and ATV repair.

Basic Vacuum Brake Bleeder: There are many companies that offer the standard version of the vacuum brake bleeder. This provides you with a fully functioning tool that will automatically bleed brakes with ease. When looking at these basic models it is important to look for a built-in venture system. These systems are very efficient at using compressed air to quickly bleed brakes.

Brake Bleeder Vacuum Pump Kit w/ Adapters: This version of the vacuum break bleeder is highly recommended for its versatility. You can operate on any vehicle make or model with a kit like this one. The kit is even capable of testing automotive vacuum systems. Purchasing this kit will get you a pump with vacuum gauge, two pieces of 2 ft long tubing, vacuum adapters, brake bleeder adapters, and a brake fluid reservoir.

This is just a small sample of the various options that are available to anyone searching for a great vacuum break bleeder. For the easiest possible brake bleeding experience, it is recommended that you purchase a kit due to its higher versatility. These kits also include all of the necessary features that you need for fast and easy brake fluid replacement.

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