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How to Read Calipers

How to Use and Measure with Digital Calipers

Digital calipers are also known as electronic calipers or digital micrometer. The digital caliper does not have line graduated measuring scale. Moreover, it has moveable jaws; two upper jaw together with two lower jaws. There also some reasons that make digital calipers to be consider better than traditional calipers. Some of these reasons include…

• Using single step to read measurements
• It gives incredible measurement since it allows the user to set it at zero at any point
• You can choose either inch or metric for your measurement with the help of a button
• Once you have got the actual data, you can input it on your computer for processing.

Moreover, it is also possible to print the data using Universal Serial Bus. Before using digital caliper, it is recommended that you should ensure that the measuring surface of the object is clean and dry. The object should be cleaned using a clean cloth. You can also use cleaning oil while cleaning the surface of the object. How to use digital calipers

1. The first step is to do is to the locking screw on the digital caliper should be loosened.
2. Once the locking screw is loosened, the lower jaw that is located on the digital caliper’s side should be cleaned using cleaning oil. (Optional)
3. Make sure that the movable jaw to rests against stationary jaw. This position is referred to as “closed”.
4. The digital caliper generally comes with either two or three buttons. Make sure that you have pressed the “on” button. The caliper should read 0.000 as you begin to make the measurements. If the reading is not at 0.000, press the “reset” button until it reads this.
5. Spread the digital caliper apart to encompass the object you are measuring. Once the lower jaws are touching the object, take the measurement that is displayed on the digital readout. The measurement on the digital readout is the object’s outside measurement. Moreover, one can also convert inches into mm by pressing the “mm” button. This works automatically.
6. Once you have taken the outside measurement, take the inside measurement of the object using the upper jaws. Make sure that the upper jaw is inserted into the object, and then spread it until the upper jaws are in contact with the ends of the object. Whether the object should be machined down or not is determined by the difference between the inside and outside measurement. Moreover, this will also determine object should be enlarged or not is also determined by this.
7. With the help of the blade that goes lengthen from sliding scale, interpret a depth measurement. The digital caliper should be placed on its side and the slide scale’s bottom that is on the hole’s edge from where you would want to take the depth measurement. It is also important that the digital screen should read 0.000 and in case it is not at this point, there is a need that you should reset it.


A digital caliper can also be of great assistance for anyone who would like to take compound measurements.

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