How to Change Your Own Oil


Changing your own oil isn’t that difficult of a feat as many people believe it is. In fact, it’s one of the more easier and rewarding work you’ll do ever do on your car, not to mention how much money you can save by doing it yourself.
First, you’ll need to figure out what type and capacity of engine oil your car needs. You should then find the oil filter that is needed; it is recommended you change your filter with every oil change. You should refer to your owner’s manual for this information.
Next, you’ll need the supplies:1. New engine oil
2. Oil filter
3. Oil filter wrench
4. Oil drain pan (11 QT Capacity)
5. Funnel
6. Jack (2 ton)
7. Jack stands (3 ton)


1. Engage parking brake and position jack underneath the metal frame of your car. Raise jack. Make sure the jack is securely supported by the frame to prevent accidents.
2. Slide the jack stands on both sides of your car. Again, make sure they are underneath the metal frame to prevent any accidents.
3. Carefully lower the jack and remove it.
4. Place oil drain pan underneath the oil filter.
5. Remove the oil cap off the top of your engine.
6. Remove the oil filter by turning it counter-clockwise. Oftentimes it will be a tight fit; an oil filter wrench should do the trick! Your oil will start to gush out until it reduces to a smaller stream. Wait a few minutes for the stream to cease.
7. Dip your finger in the new oil and smear it around the gasket of the new filter. This will create a seal and also makes it easy to remove the filter for your next oil change. Screw on the new oil filter. Make sure it’s on snugly, but don’t over tighten it.
8. Fill up your engine with the necessary amount of oil. Use a funnel to prevent any spills. Screw the oil cap on.
9. Position the jack underneath car again, and raise it until it is supporting the car. Slide jack stands out. Lower jack slowly, taking all precautions.

And that’s it! Pretty simple. Don’t forget to recycle your old oil at a nearby automotive shop!


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