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eToolsCity Black Friday Weekend Sale!

Thanksgiving is a time of epic things! Epic meals, epic gatherings, and epic deals!!!

What better time than now to get some holiday gifts for you, your friends, and your family? If you’ve got a tool enthusiast in your life, or think it’s about time you treated yourself, take this opportunity to save yourself some of your hard earned cash and time with eToolsCity’s epic deals. We’re going all out this year with the best sale we’ve ever had, and we’ve had some really great ones.

Another really cool thing about eToolsCity’s Black Friday is that you don’t need to camp outside any retail stores when you’re recovering from a post-Thanksgiving food coma if you don’t want to. Besides, our deals are so good that you probably won’t even find these prices in retail stores anyway. Avoid long lines and post apocalyptic shopping zombies by getting yourself something nice from our stomp-free Black Friday deals online! Black Friday savings from the comfort of your own home… ah that’s nice. Click here to see our Black Friday Super Clearance flier!

BANNER-giftcardeToolsCity has some ridiculous deals going on this Black Friday, including a deal on gift cards that’s just nuts. We’re talking about offering a $200 gift card for $165. You don’t have to reread that, you got it right the first time: a $200 gift card for $165. What?! Why? Because it’s eToolsCity’s Black Friday!


Our Black Friday clearance items are nothing to mess with either. We’ve got some of our bestselling flashlights, work lights, ladders, plungers (may come in handy), mini-bolt cutters and a bunch more. Browse our Black Friday Specials Ad to see some of the many products we’ll have on super sale this weekend!


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