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Air Tools


Air tools, also known as pneumatic tools, come in many different forms for a variety of uses. Many of these air tools are simply pneumatic versions of an electric powered tool. Here are just a few of the more commonly used air tools:


Nail Guns:
Nail guns are perhaps one of the most popular air tools, used for shooting nails into walls, roofing, and even concrete. This air tool is handy for fastening shingles, fine woodworking, cabinetry, and more. The nails come packaged in strips, and are loaded into the gun, then fired with a trigger.
Screw guns:
The screw equivalent to nail guns, these air tools relieve the operator of the tedious work of positioning and holding screws before being turned. The screw gun uses a strip of screws, and each screw is individually loaded into the tip and then fastened with a trigger.
Paint sprayer:
Most creative of all the air tools, the paint sprayer is very handy for professional painters and speeds up work. This air tool coats large surface areas with paint by combining paint and compressed air. The paint gun forces air out, ultimately shooting paint out. The nozzles may be adjusted to change the shape and rate of the spray. This air tool is also manipulated with a trigger like the nail gun and screw gun.
Pounding tools:
Chisels come in the form of air tools! These pound and ultimately chip away at surfaces such as stone, concrete, etc. Pounding tools look like pistols with a chisel at the end and are also fired with the use of a trigger.
A power drill attached to an air compressor hose is basically the air tool form of your typical electric power drill. These are powered by compressed air instead of an electric motor.
This air tool is like a regular grinder, except it uses pneumatic force to make the disc or brush spin. Useful for cutting, grinding, and polishing materials.
This one is also similar to an electric sander. The rotating motion runs sand paper across surfaces, which is attached to a flat bottom. These air tools aren’t trigger operated; they simply have an on/off switch.
An air powered ratcheting socket wrenches are one of the most useful air tools! Handy for most automotive uses, the rotary force spins sockets with a trigger. Many of these wrenches are conveniently equipped with torque adjustment for precision with auto building and repair work.


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