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How to Replace Tie Rod Ends

Learning how to replace tie rod ends could save you a lot of time and money while helping to prevent future problems with your steering. Tie Rod Ends are essential parts of your vehicle as they are responsible for making your wheels turn when you turn the steering wheel. They hook directly onto the tire’s knuckle, which makes it crucial to do this job with care while considering the overall alignment of the vehicle. However, you don’t have to be a mechanic, and you don’t need any special tools to get the job done right. Here’s how to replace tie rod ends. Continue reading

How to Perform U Joint Removal like a Pro and Impress Your Friends

Many of us have had the unsettling experience of finding a bad U joint in our truck. We know how it is; you’re driving down the lone highway without a care in the world. Then you start to hear noises like the growls of Cerberus from underneath your truck. After careful examination, you have determined that it is in fact the U joint that is causing these unsettling sounds. What do you do next? Continue reading

How Snap-Ring Pliers can Help You Replace Snap Rings in a Snap

The internal combustion engine is perhaps one of the most important inventions of mankind. This complex feat of machinery has many important parts. One of the key components of an engine is snap rings. A snap ring is an elastically deformed ring that is put into a groove or recess inside the engine. This type of ring gets its name from the ability to snap back toward its unstressed position into the groove. These rings can be used externally to provide a shoulder for retaining a wheel or bearing race on a shaft. Continue reading

10 DIY Car Repair Mistakes You CAN’T Afford to Make!

A friend of mine once offered to help me change the oil in my car. I thought, “What a marvelous idea! I can learn to change my own oil!”

Wide-eyed and giddy with excitement, I showed up to his house in my 2007 Ford Focus with all the oil-change necessities I had been instructed to buy from Auto Zone. He looked at the car and then proceeded to try and get under it. Needless to say, unless one of us was the size of his Yorkshire terrier, we weren’t going to fit under the car. Continue reading

Do Your Brakes Feel “Old”? Service Your Brakes By Yourself!

When it comes to automotive repair, changing your brake fluid is one of the easiest tasks DIYers can learn to do. Of course there are many fun aspects to bleeding your brakes. However, the best part of bleeding brakes isn’t unscrewing the casing on the pad or getting under the car, but when you know finally learn how to bleed brakes alone and feel the fluid drain down your arm. Learning how to bleed brakes alone is one of the few pleasures of this world that only the most avid DIYers can properly convey to a newcomer. If you really want to enjoy the wonders of how to bleed brakes alone, then this article is a great first step into this world of delights.

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