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How to Master Working with a Tap and Die Set

If you are an avid participant in the world of home or vehicle repair, then you know the frustration that can come from dealing with old, worn out bolts. However, if you have a tap and die set, then this is a much smaller problem to overcome. These sets are specially made to repair and renew worn out bolts. While this process may seem like a daunting task, it is actually quite simple. The two key features of a tap and die set (the tap and the die) have specific capabilities that allow them to restore bolts almost like new. Continue reading

Capri Tools 60 SMD LED Ultra Bright 300 Lumens Cordless Rechargeable Work Light

Product Description

The Capri Tools 60-LED Rechargeable Work Light displays your projects in a better light! Get this portable companion for your workshop, garage, or home. The conveniently sized, broad-beam work light fits into tight spots. The rubberized grip-handle on the base makes this light easy to handle with or without gloves; while the hex-molded handle guarantees that the light won’t roll away. The rugged polymer housing and aluminum reinforced back has been drop-tested and proven to be impact resistant.

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3 Options for a Good Motorcycle Stand to Keep Your Bikes Standing Strong

Whether you have been riding on motorcycles for years or you’ve just made your first purchase, you probably know that these machines come with a built-in kick stand. So chances are that these kick stands are sufficient to properly store a motorcycle right? If you want to ensure that your bikes stay in the best possible condition, then this is definitely not good enough for proper storage. One way to properly store your bike is with a motorcycle stand.

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Top 3 Bubble Flare Tool Choices for Affordable Automotive Repair

If you are the proud owner of older model cars, then you are no doubt aware of the fact that they have special needs. Many owners of classic cars tend to be avid do-it-yourselfers, and must know the importance of buying the right tools and making specific repairs or modifications. One such feature of older cars, particularly many 80s models, are found in the brake lines. Continue reading

How to Bleed Brakes Alone

When it comes to automotive repair, changing your brake fluid is one of the easiest tasks DIYers can learn to do. Of course there are many fun aspects to bleeding your brakes. However, the best part of bleeding brakes isn’t unscrewing the casing on the pad or getting under the car, but when you know finally learn how to bleed brakes alone and feel the fluid drain down your arm. Learning how to bleed brakes alone is one of the few pleasures of this world that only the most avid DIYers can properly convey to a newcomer. If you really want to enjoy the wonders of how to bleed brakes alone, then this article is a great first step into this world of delights. Continue reading

Using an Auto Scan Tool

You’re cruising across the countryside; it’s a gorgeous, illuminating summer afternoon, and your car‘s performance is nearly perfect.
All is right with the world, except that your check engine light has begun to pierce your retinas and paralyze you with fear. Why must this foreboding light torment you so? Continue reading

Air Tools


Air tools, also known as pneumatic tools, come in many different forms for a variety of uses. Many of these air tools are simply pneumatic versions of an electric powered tool. Continue reading

Sand Blasters

How do they work?
Sand blasters use finely ground silica (sand) to clean and abrase a surface of unwanted materials. Usually sand blasters are used to clear the surface of rust, corrosion, paint, and dirt. In some cases they are used for etching delicate glass. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Air Hose


Getting Started
Picking the right air hose to fit your machine and needs is essential. There are a wide variety of different air hoses with different connections, widths, materials, and purposes. Air hoses are used on many different machines, such as air compressors, pressure washers, nail guns, sprayers, or even for pumping fluids such as oil or sewage water. Continue reading