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5 Tips for Every Amateur Painter

1. Tint the Primer
Primer is important and often overlooked. Whether it is interior or exterior, a coat of primer is key to obtaining professional-looking results. This applies to previously painted surfaces, raw wood, new drywall, etc. Continue reading

Is it Time to Change Your Transmission Oil?

Grinding or Squealing Noises
A transmission containing fluid contaminated with dirt, grease, or sludge may make your transmission make noises such as grinding, squealing, or similar. Stop the car and check the fluid level while the engine is still RUNNING in NEUTRAL. The fluid color should be a clean pink or reddish color with no black, brown, sludge, or metal grits. Bad fluid may also smell “burned.” If the fluid level is at an acceptable level, it probably needs a transmission flush.¬† Continue reading

How to Jump Start a Car with Cables (and WITHOUT!)

How to Jump-Start a Car with Cables

It should seem obvious, and it should seem like most people with cars should know how to jump a car. But which cable goes where? Red first? Black is positive? Which is negative? ¬†Whaaaat? Why are there so many clamps?! So the next time you’re asked to jump a car, don’t look down in shame–read this article and learn how to properly jump a car without shocking yourself! Because it will pay off when the pretty girl next door is late for class and desperately asks you if you can jump her car. Continue reading

Taking Apart a Transmission (fun tutorial!)

Found this on the web, and thought this is something that every person who loves to tinker with cars would love to read. (I myself love to work on cars!) If you decide to proceed with this, you can find tools to help you on our website: click on Automotive tools! I recommend experimenting with a transmission from the junkyard so you don’t wreck your daily driver. Continue reading

How to Change Your Own Oil (Easy)

Want to change your own oil but don’t know how to? Don’t fret! This article will guide you step by step! Instead of paying $30 and upwards for an oil change every 3000-5000 miles, invest in some trusty oil change tools and start changing your own oil! Continue reading