Why You Might Want to Buy a Torx Screwdriver Set

Torx screws are characterized by a 6-point star shaped pattern. The most popular generic name for the drive is star. You may have heard of star screwdrivers or star bits. They were originally created with the idea that they would provide some security; this was of course before Torx screws became popular enough for bits and screwdrivers to be developed on a large scale. At this point, a Torx screw’s security is minimal, as it’s become very easy to purchase Torx bits or a Torx Screwdriver set. Here are some situations in which a Torx screwdriver set could come in handy. Continue reading

Options for a Quality Valve Spring Compressor Tool to Save Time and Money

The valve spring compressor is a vital component to any properly functioning vehicle. If this device breaks, it can mean costly repairs from extensive damage to a vehicle’s engine. Learning the skills necessary for replacing this component rather than relying on expensive repair shop visits, is a far more preferable option. One of the most important tools necessary for making these repairs is a valve spring compressor tool. It is best to do some research before picking out any specific repair tool and that goes double for the valve spring compressor tool.

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Heavy Duty Snap Ring for Heavyweight Mechanics


When retainers and shafts need somebody to lean on, they can always count on the heavy duty snap ring. Snap rings are essential for retaining, locating, and accurately positioning various parts of a mechanical assembly. The heavy duty snap ring is a much appreciated upgrade to this essential mechanical component. A heavy duty snap ring offers the same features as a standard retaining ring; however, they can handle much more force.

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How a Brake Line Bender Can Save You from Overpriced Automotive Repair

116_0701_21_z+bend_your_own_brake_lines+zero_markIt is no secret that cars and trucks come in various shapes and sizes. This variety also applies to the insides of vehicles. The distance of objects and their locations is rarely exactly the same. In order to compensate for these variations, brake lines must be constructed accordingly. If all brake lines were equal and made with a straight design, then they would break from awkward placement and the twisting of a vehicle’s movements as it travels and turns. Continue reading

Name Your Tool and Bleed the Brake: Finding the Right Vacuum Brake Bleeder

When it comes to keeping a vehicle running at optimum efficiency, any mechanic can tell you of the importance of bleeding your brakes. However, using a brake bleeder is not particularly simple. In fact, the process can be quite complicated. To alleviate some of this complexity, a vacuum brake bleeder may be a good purchase option for this process. This tool can make replacing your vehicle’s hydraulic fluid a smooth and easy process. Continue reading

How to Replace Tie Rod Ends

Learning how to replace tie rod ends could save you a lot of time and money while helping to prevent future problems with your steering. Tie Rod Ends are essential parts of your vehicle as they are responsible for making your wheels turn when you turn the steering wheel. They hook directly onto the tire’s knuckle, which makes it crucial to do this job with care while considering the overall alignment of the vehicle. However, you don’t have to be a mechanic, and you don’t need any special tools to get the job done right. Here’s how to replace tie rod ends. Continue reading

How to Perform U Joint Removal like a Pro and Impress Your Friends

Many of us have had the unsettling experience of finding a bad U joint in our truck. We know how it is; you’re driving down the lone highway without a care in the world. Then you start to hear noises like the growls of Cerberus from underneath your truck. After careful examination, you have determined that it is in fact the U joint that is causing these unsettling sounds. What do you do next? Continue reading

How Snap-Ring Pliers can Help You Replace Snap Rings in a Snap

The internal combustion engine is perhaps one of the most important inventions of mankind. This complex feat of machinery has many important parts. One of the key components of an engine is snap rings. A snap ring is an elastically deformed ring that is put into a groove or recess inside the engine. This type of ring gets its name from the ability to snap back toward its unstressed position into the groove. These rings can be used externally to provide a shoulder for retaining a wheel or bearing race on a shaft. Continue reading